Letters to the Editor

Suggests seniors consider co-housing

My retirement community has just raised the rent, leaving many of us seniors looking around for a new home. In searching through Craig’s List, I came across a couple of “intentional communities,” so the thought occurred to me, “Are there any intentional communities of seniors, and if not, why not? Why not create one?”

Assisted living or even partially assisted, independent living is expensive. There is little affordable housing for seniors. In an intentional community, we “oldies” could buy or rent a large house, say, with eight bedrooms. Then those of us who enjoy cooking could prepare the food for everyone. Those of us who still drive could ferry the rest of us around. Housekeeping chores could be divided among several people, so one person doesn’t bear the burden of all of it. In that way, we could live independently with dignity and still get the help we need (from each other), without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Anyone interested? If so, email birdmaxinetrungma@gmail.com. Maybe we could hold a meeting and actually get something done, start something new, that would benefit many, including ourselves! Then what we do here in Bellingham could serve as a model for other cities too.

Bird Maxine Trungma