Letters to the Editor

Questions spending money on new jail

If my memory is correct, when I toured our current jail before it opened I was told that the building was designed to allow additional floors to allow for future expansion. Was this option reviewed and rejected for the current option that I believe will be jammed down our throats? Is this better than the similar, never opened, Multnomah County Wapato jail and white elephant in Portland, Oregon? How much demand is reduced by our work-release warehouse? How about legalizing pot to reduce the inmate population? Been there, done this one. What are the courts going to do about getting inmates prompt evaluation and treatment? We already incarcerate a higher percentage of our population in the land of the free and brave than any other country on the planet. Should we build more jail facilities, fund better treatment programs, or give up and spend more money on war machines? Who is accountable?

Charles Smith