Letters to the Editor

Suggests shift in attitudes about trucks

It would be interesting to get the opinion of actual truck drivers in the “Rules Of The Road” posting about semi-trucks from April 6, 2015. I found the question to be asked with the bias that semi-trucks are an inconvenience above everything else. I think many people do not realize that semis are one of the main forms of transportation that provide goods and services, supplying the nation. They are more than simply an inconvenience to weave your way around on the freeway.

An interesting point was brought up by the author that the posted speed limit for trucks is indeed 60 mph in and around the Bellingham area. However, there are some drivers who do not even adhere to this lower speed limit. I don’t think that we should prohibit larger trucks from passing other trucks or cars if they simply want to follow the posted speed limit.

Another potential issue with restricting semis to the right lane in Whatcom County is available freeway space. In Bellingham, especially, freeway exits are clumped closely together, sometimes less than a mile from one another. If we line the right lane up with semi trucks, this could potentially cause even more grief for car drivers who need to get on and off the freeway quickly.

I think that the solution to this problem lies not with the trucks themselves, but with the attitudes of everyone involved.

Sam Klootwyk