Letters to the Editor

Backs campaign for carbon tax

I believe an exciting new carbon emissions proposal by CarbonWA, a non-partisan, grassroots group, will strengthen Washington’s economy, reduce the state’s carbon pollution and effectively fight climate change. Win-win-win! Modeled on British Columbia’s successful tax swap, the proposal implements a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Here’s how: 1) Tax carbon at $25 per ton for all fossil fuels consumed in Washington, 2) eliminate the B&O tax for manufacturers, 3) lower the state’s sales tax from 6.5 percent to 5.5 percent, 4) fund the “Working Families Rebate” to provide up to $1,500 a year for 400,000 low-income working households.

The average family may pay more per year in carbon taxes on gasoline and electricity, but also save a few hundred dollars a year in reduced sales taxes, outweighing the carbon taxes, just as they are in British Columbia, where people now have more money to spend than before and, less carbon in the air causing climate change. Go to carbon.cs.washington.edu to see how much you would save!

We need your help to bring this great policy to Washington! The first step in the campaign is to collect 315,000 signatures this spring, summer and fall, before appearing before voters November of 2016. Visit CarbonWA.org to donate or get involved!

David Scheer