Letters to the Editor

Sees double standard in discrimination charges

The ongoing uproar regarding Indiana’s religious freedom law is just another example of what I believe to be the hypocrisy and double standard used by the left to silence anybody who challenges what I believe to be their immoral beliefs and depraved lifestyles. By using “in your face” tactics and vilifying those who oppose them, I believe they are clearly stating that they reject the moral absolutes of the Judeo-Christian ethic that this country was founded upon. I am sad that many Americans today see nothing wrong with legitimizing social practices that were considered unheard over 50 years ago. I believe the charge of discrimination by these vociferous groups is merely a smoke screen for justifying a lifestyle of licentiousness. Of course, the Hollywood types, business corporations, opportunistic politicians and so-called clergymen who are ultimately concerned about their financial bottom line, have all piped in to express their “moral” outrage at the new law. How ironic. Yet, I believe these same people have no problem imposing their views on the rest of society, while trampling on the First Amendment rights of those who believe that such a lifestyle will lead to the disintegration of our social fabric and ultimately God’s judgment. I believe their ultimate intent is to eliminate all vestiges of Christian morality from every facet of our daily lives. Well, it looks like they are being very successful in achieving their goal.

Herbert Porter