Letters to the Editor

Wants enforcement of downtown rules

I find downtown Bellingham has become a war zone.

Rule-breaking bicyclists and skateboarders have plundered the sidewalks and have made it a dangerous place for pedestrians; I believe these “wheelers” have no regard for the safety of others and their level of aggression stupefying.

To walk safely downtown one must be on constant alert or risk getting run over by a bike or skateboard.

Last weekend, a speeding cyclist was pedaling (on the sidewalk) in the wrong direction on a one-way street. His bike raced between the sidewalk and a tree where my service dog and I had been standing.

The bike barely missed hitting my dog, and I have no doubt the rider was aware of it, but he just kept on with his peddling.

I suspect that incidents such as this are not uncommon.

Biking or skateboarding on the sidewalks in Bellingham’s business districts is against the law; lawbreakers could be fined as much as $103 if caught.

Greater enforcement of sidewalk rules would make downtown a better place to live, work, and shop without the fear of becoming collateral damage.

Judith Lockwood