Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with U.S. confirmation stalemate

There is an historic low in people’s view of the U.S. Congress. Only 37 percent of Americans approve of the leaders Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner and their work. Here is a current example of what I believe to be failed promises.

Loretta Lynch was nominated months ago to become the new attorney general. McConnell promised to bring it up for a vote as soon as the nominee received approval from committees. Since then we have learned and seen that Loretta Lynch was a bright student, went on to Harvard, and worked for an important law firm. She took a 75 percent cut in pay to accept a position as a prosecutor. The legislators saw the judge’s impressive accomplishments and saw her to be bright, wise and articulate and recommended her affirmation.

But Sen. McConnell went back on his promise to bring the appointment up for a vote. And there it sits as he tries taking advantage of judge’s strong record by tacking on unrelated, unpopular items.

And again nothing gets done.

The judge and all of us Americans deserve a clean vote by the legislators. Do what you can through whatever connections you have to break this stalemate and to get something accomplished. Now!

Alyce Werkema