Letters to the Editor

Concerned about highway engineering

I had the opportunity to go up the Mount Baker Highway a day or two after the opening of the new section of road around the washout that was occurring past Maple Falls on the way to Glacier. They did a fine job of protective landscaping and all-round good looks of the whole area.

What was disturbing was the fact that when you travel east and the road curves to the right, the road surface actually falls to the left making a backwards bank turn. In the winter, with the speeding drivers going to the mountain to ski and board, I believe there will be accidents from it. Most of the snow crowd doesn’t come up here during the off season.

I can’t even begin to imagine why the WASHDOT designed it that way. As I said, Ram Construction did a fantastic job and, I believe they built it to spec, set out in the bid.

Ted Royal

Maple Falls