Letters to the Editor

Wants Corps to stop Cherry Point project

I read with alarm the letter in Friday’s paper containing what I believe to be misconceptions about the costs of allowing a coal export terminal to be built at Cherry Point.

I believe many of us have been misled by fossil fuel companies to believe that this and similar projects are designed “to raise the income levels of working people.” Mining companies try very hard to maximize profits, not wages. They must lay off workers as needed just to stay in business. Bellingham was a booming coal mining town until it was no longer profitable. Coal ports will do the same.

Mount Baker’s snow pack is declining every year. As a state we will pay millions of dollars this year alone for drought relief. I believe global climate change is no longer far off in the future; it is already impacting us right here and right now in ways that dwarf the “benefits” of complicity with the fossil fuel companies.

Lummi Nation is standing up for its treaty right to a sustainable environment – not just for salmon, but for everyone who stand to lose so much “working together for a common goal” that will enrich the multi-national fossil fuel corporations while the rest of us suffer the consequences of climate change.

Please help stop this madness! Write a letter today to your representatives in Congress to instruct the Army Corps of Engineers to honor the Lummi’s request to honor their rights and stop the Cherry Point project.

Jon Shaughnessy