Letters to the Editor

Concerned education dumbing down citizens

In a recent letter to the editor I read someone made the comment: “I actually think they have people that vote for progressives because the word sounds like advancement.”

In my opinion, progressives have used teacher unions and curriculum to dumb down the populous over the years and as a result they are able to use wordplay like a fine art. They are able to use word manipulation to do exactly as the comment suggests. No one likes to hear that they have been hoodwinked; however, I believe many of today’s voters, as a result of how they are being taught in public schools, are not being given the tools to be able to recognize when manipulation is being used. I believe the word “progressive” is just another name for Marxism.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. I believe the Obama Administration has used this “word-play/manipulation” pretty much every time they speak about anything, and instead of reporters actually sticking to issues at hand in an attempt to get real answers they are forced to spend valuable time trying to “clarify” previous statements.

Thomas Paine