Letters to the Editor

Says non-profits need community support

Charter Review Commissioners asked for and been given the enormous responsibility to represent all citizens of the county, not just those in their own districts, as many of them believe. What happens in each district affects the entire county!

I’ve worked with non-profits to raise funds as a volunteer and employee. I know the difficulty non-profits have to successfully achieve the results they intend.

Most non-profits achieve their goals only due to continued financial support and active volunteers. If their sources for governmental assistance are pulled away, they will suffer, and some may cease to exist.

If financial support is taken from any non-profits in Whatcom County, what will happen? Will you, the Charter Review Commissioners, dig deep into your own pockets to pick up the slack?

What will happen to our community? This will impact the course of our population for a long time to come.

For those Charter Review Commissioners and their supporters who favor stripping funding from non-profits, have you volunteered in a non-profit entity to help those in our society who are less fortunate than you?

In a democratic society, everyone needs to pitch in to help. Not just one party over another. Not for the good of some, but for the good of all. Our wonderful non-profits help those who need help. Their continued financial support is a necessity, not a luxury.

Where is your humanity?

Suzanne Kite