Letters to the Editor

Sickened by antiquity destruction

The destruction of the ancient cities of Nimrod and Nineveh is tragic. That ISIS has also used D-9 cats and tanks to trash Hydra is unthinkable. And that sledgehammers are taken to the statues in the Mosul Museum is an additional slap at humanity.

The history of ISIS, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, and other jihadist Islamic organizations is rife with such examples of a hatred for western civilization. However, it is also indicative of a renunciation of the rich Arab, Persian, and Assyrian contributions to all mankind. I see no rational explanation for our President’s continued excuses for, explanations of, and alleged intellectual “understanding” of these brutes. I am also, after these recent attacks upon museums and archaeology sites, sick to death of any Islamic follower attempting to “explain” the conduct.

Mark Nelson