Letters to the Editor

Unhappy gun bill didn’t get hearing

When I was 8 years old I crouched in a corner and prayed my brother would not shoot me. My prayer was not answered. I loved my brother the second before he shot me and the second after he shot me. That one second that it took for him to pull the trigger of a gun he should not have been able to access was the problem.

There was a proposal in Olympia this year that would have given family members a legal path to get guns away from loved ones they knew were a risk to themselves and others. The “Extreme Risk Protection Order” bill, would have been an answer to the lament we have heard so many times, “I knew they shouldn’t have had a gun, I called the police, but they said that there was nothing that could be done.”

This proposal was not even debated or voted on by our representatives, rather, it was allowed to die in committee by Rep. Pat Sullivan from Covington in spite of what I believe to be overwhelming support, and few objections voiced publicly. Apparently bring this bill up was too hard for Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan, “Shame on you!” Let me tell you what hard is. Hard is what I went through and what my brother went through. Hard is surviving a gunshot wound. Hard is realizing you tried to kill someone when you were in an out-of-control state.

I imagine it would be hard knowing that my inaction caused people to lose their lives. Perhaps in the near future Mr. Sullivan will tell us.

Liz Hjelmseth