Letters to the Editor

Not worried government is after firearms

In March 9’s “Letters to The Editor,” an author appears to me to be concerned that “the government” is going to confiscate his firearms. In support of this position he argues that there are far more dangerous weapons out there which kill more people than firearms. He states, “Hammers kill more people every year than guns... maybe we should ban hammers and confiscate all hammers....” According to FBI statistics for 2013 (the latest available), firearms, by far, kill more people in the U.S. than any other means. Firearms killed 69 percent of homicide victims that year, while “blunt objects” such as hammers, baseball bats, etc. killed 3.5 percent of all victims. He further states “If you don’t believe that the government wants to remove your ability to protect yourself and your property then I believe you are not paying attention.” Frankly, I read nothing in his letter that convinces me that there is some sinister force out there that is looking to take away the ability of Americans to protect themselves. In fact, I have never heard anyone in any elected or appointed position advocate for the banishment of firearms. What triggers this paranoia?

Alan Ogden