Letters to the Editor

Giving to the school foundation helps kids

The Bellingham Public Schools Foundation is in the midst of a campaign to raise money to improve the educational opportunities for district students and to fulfill the “Bellingham Promise.” You’ve seen the signs “Your Gift. Our Kids. Our Future.” Why are Bellinghamsters asked to contribute to the foundation? Our citizens enthusiastically support our school levies… yet the schools are limited by law in the amount of money they can request and receive through such levies. The state Legislature is mandated by law to fully fund education… yet the Supreme Court has determined that they are not doing an adequate job of this. So, who suffers? Our kids, that’s who! And, our kids hold the keys to our future! The foundation is an independent, unpaid, working board whose mission is to raise money to help our school district bridge the gap between what is provided by taxpayers and the legislature, and what is truly needed for our children’s education. My wife and I, and my wife’s business, regularly contribute to the foundation because we know it will make a difference in the quality of education that the children of our community will receive. Please join us by going to bellinghamschoolsfoundation.org and making a generous, tax-deductible donation right away. This first-ever “Promise Campaign” will be concluding on March 31.

Mark M. Schlichting