Letters to the Editor

Believes Gateway would offer jobs

I was born and raised in Whatcom County, and jobs have always been a problem here. We need the employment: years ago, the only good jobs to be had were far away, in the military or at Boeing. Today, with the Gateway terminal, I believe we have an opportunity to secure the future for generations to come with solid, excellent jobs.

Although change can be difficult for some people, I trust the ability of those who are looking at the environmental issues surrounding Gateway to make fact-based decisions. I am confident that we can have this shipping terminal here, where it belongs at Cherry Point with our other industrial neighbors, without harming our environment.

I do wish the Lummis were able to take what I believe would be a common-sense approach to this project. Rather than being against change or new businesses, as good neighbors perhaps they can remain open to the possibilities that these changes will be good for all of us here, including their own tribal members.

Elinor King