Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with economy and the government

When did we decide that all of our national holidays were for shopping and buying things on special sales?

It is about 1.6 miles from my driveway to the closest I-5 south-bound on ramp. In this space the speed limit changes four times. No wonder no one pays any attention to the posted speed limits. How about a flat 30 mph for the whole city?

Why can’t I buy anything made in the U.S.? Everything seems to come from China.

Democrats don’t need to worry, the Republicans will find some way to screw things up.

There are too many news programs and not enough news. Most national news is interview and comment from people that report the news not make the news. It has become news as entertainment.

Any time government passes a law that favors one group of people over another they divide the citizens and promote dissent.

Consumer spending does not grow the economy, savings do.

The American century started when Teddy Roosevelt became president and ended, I believe, on Sept. 11, 2001.

James Cook