Letters to the Editor

Says Lummi Nation protecting Cherry Point

I have read material recently from Gateway Pacific Terminal’s paid spokespersons, GPT marketing groups and individuals that seem to come from the point of view that Lummi Nation is disrupting the EIS process by asking the Army Corps of Engineers to deny the permit for GPT. They imply that Lummi Nation is not being reasonable, civil or fair by declining to speak with SSA Marine. Some intimate that Lummi Nation is not looking at the full picture, and thus their decisions can’t be fact-based.

However it is clear to me that Lummi is a sovereign nation that has every right to speak government to government with the Army Corps of Engineers. They have no obligation to speak to corporations, especially to SSA/PIT which did not consult with the Lummi before they desecrated sacred archaeological lands and violated state law. Even though the Lummi have thoughtfully participated in offering their input within the EIS process, they have their own systems for review of projects such as GPT, and have a secured right to make decisions regarding the welfare of their usual and accustomed fishing grounds. The members of Lummi Nation have said they have a sacred obligation to protect Xwi’chi’eXen (Cherry Point). And after years of looking at the big picture and working their own process, by asking the Corps to deny the GPT permit, I believe they are doing just that.

Dena Jensen

Birch Bay