Letters to the Editor

Wants more choices on election ballots

Since the Whatcom County Charter Review is in full swing and voting has become a top priory, I wonder if the idea of a truly fair representative body through proportional representation might be up for review.

Proportional representation is like picking which apples to buy.

Will it be Fuji, as our No. 1 choice or if they’re out of stock or over ripe, maybe having Gala on hand as our second selection? Or will you pick Red Delicious as your favorite? Also it can be how the apples are sometimes marketed or represented to our eye? And don’t forget the price. When we go to the grocery, what matters most is our ability to choose more than just two varieties.

Same goes with the Miss America Pageant. Imagine being only able to pick from New York and California and leaving out a southern belle from Alabama. So why is it that our political system in the state of Washington only lets us pick from just the top-two brands? No matter how you look at it; it’s either one Republican and one Democrat, or two Republicans and no Democrats, or even two Democrats and no Republicans. Not much of a selection either way. Let’s begin a conversation around allowing more variety to our campaign chooses. Let’s be able to have more than just two chooses.

Some might like a Granny Smith or a Jonathan rather than just a couple of bad apples.

Charles Law