Letters to the Editor

Lists her reasons to separate marijuana sales

Please contact your state Congressman and tell them to keep medical marijuana separate from recreational marijuana. As a mental health therapist, I strongly believe that the use of medical marijuana is far more beneficial and less dangerous that many drugs and should be available exclusively at dispensaries for the following reasons: Appointments can be made; budtenders are professional and knowledgeable about what products are best for each patient’s specific medical needs; private rooms provide confidentiality and time to talk about medical issues and products, essential for many patients who require anonymity due to their jobs or positions in the community; Medical marijuana products are high quality and clearly labeled for use on different types of illnesses.

Medical marijuana will be too expensive for many lower-income patients if it is taxed at the same rate at recreational marijuana. I believe medication should be as affordable as possible, not a money maker for the state.

I believe medical marijuana patients should be able to grow their own medication to control their own quality and strains.

Studies about using medical marijuana for cancer, epilepsy, wasting diseases and PTSD are showing the quality of life someone can have without the side effects of traditional medications.

Don’t let the state devalue this useful medicine by selling it recreationally to patients. Call now or they will be combined.

Amy Glasser