Letters to the Editor

Angered with plan to inspect rental properties

Woe is me! Whatever happened to the Bill of Rights and a fierce American feeling of independence? Are we really going to allow our city government to come into our homes uninvited? How bold can the City Council be? Approving a rental registration system requiring inspections in our personal homes and properties with not-yet-established parameters, without our permission, sounds like a dictatorship. Think about all of the unknowns in this situation. What will be inspected specifically and what will be overlooked? Will it change year to year. Who wants a city official in their personal space. Bellingham has many rentals. How can a one employee agency with undefined tenets manage and enforce this? Granted some renters have landlord issues. There is a Landlord Tenant Act in place for this and a current system to manage complaints. Are changes needed in the implementation of the current system? We have agencies to help people with many situations in Bellingham, including help with funds to move. Homeowners already pay taxes for this. What I believe no one needs, whether renter or owner, is a bureaucracy added that is highly intrusive, not clearly defined, costly, and affecting of the many, instead of those in need. Rental issues need to be addressed on a complaint basis using the resources available. This is reminiscent of the red light camera situation where the government forgot it is there for the people. Renters and owners wake up. If the City Council does not nix this idea, I believe a vote is required.

Saundra Fitzgerald