Letters to the Editor

Worrying about keeping rights from God

It is obvious to me that progressives think that our rights come from government. Americans are falling for this deception and surrendering their liberties for something better than total liberty. That something better they seek masquerades as freedom, but when unmasked, is simply collectivism — also known as international socialism, global democracy and the New World Order. Formally it was known as Marxism, Fabianism, the New Deal, Nazism and communism. All of these “isms” have in common an effort by government to maximize its power by forcibly leveling every human individual to the same status of conformity, egalitarianism and serfdom.

The founders believed that government only has rights granted it by the people and therefore, cannot grant what they do not possess. However, the founders also believed that if the people come to accept that government grants them their rights, then they might also accept that government can take away their rights.

Thomas Jefferson believed that rights of the people come from God, not government, and as such, they cannot be taken away unless, and until, man is deceived into giving them up.

Wayne Farber