Letters to the Editor

Backs Helm for post with conservation district

A very important special election is happening next Tuesday, March 10. In it incumbent Larry Helm, a Whatcom County small farmer, is running for re-election to the Conservation Board within the Whatcom Conservation District.

Many people are unaware of this election. But, it is extremely important not only because of the mass of Whatcom Conservation District expenditures from our governor’s $700 million conservation budget that are being deliberated but also because of the barrage of conservation regulations currently threatening and costing our farms, small ones especially.

I’m a former Alaska fish cop and I know this guy. His own pollution sensors monitor the stream adjacent to his property. No one’s more qualified in such a position to protect both fish and farms county-wide than Larry Helm. By all means, if at all possible, please drive to the Whatcom Conservation District Office at 6975 Hannegan Road between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10 and give him your vote.

Terry Montonye