Letters to the Editor

Concerned about reasons for war on terror

It seems that whenever a representative of our government is interviewed about terrorist activity abroad, they never offer, nor are they asked, a particular and obvious question: Doesn’t our continuous bombing of Middle East targets motivate more and more Muslims, even those who were previously neutral, to join the ranks of those we call terrorists? If this is so, further bombing will keep expanding their ranks. This seems to me so clearly obvious that it is surely known to our leaders, and, if so, it may lead some to the suspicion that our actions are designed to perpetuate the “war on terror.”

Wars have always been used by national leaders of all stripes to mobilize support among their citizens and convince them to forgo domestic comforts in order to support the military and the defense of the homeland. And wars have always made a very few very wealthy at the cost of the lives of many thousands. I believe the influence of corporations on our government’s actions, and their control of our media to influence public opinion, should make us all wonder where the impetus for America to go to war originates. (See “War Is a Racket,” by Gen. Smedley Butler.)

Richard Lewis