Letters to the Editor

Happy Lummi treaty backed by Bellingham

I am thrilled by the City of Bellingham’s recent letter of support for Lummi Nation’s treaty rights. As the letter says:

“Uphold these treaty rights, as they represent a promise made by the United States government to the Lummi people. We respectfully request that you call on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect treaty rights and deny the permit for the Gateway Pacific Terminal.

“Tribal treaties and the rights they uphold are of significant importance to Bellingham and to the United States. The Point Elliot Treaty of 1855 was part of how Washington became a state, and continues to govern our actions going forward.”

What would Whatcom County and the state of Washington be like without these treaties? We all have benefited from them and supporting the treaties should be something every law-abiding American can get behind. Thank you Bellingham and thank you Lummi Nation!

Benjamin Heckendorn