Letters to the Editor

Suggests additional shelters for homeless

The overall population of Bellingham’s homeless has decreased over the years, however, there are still far too many people sleeping on the streets at night, in my opinion. I see people hunkered down in doorways downtown and in Fairhaven, and others simply roaming the streets at night with no place to go. There is only one shelter in Bellingham, and all of Whatcom County for that matter, that allows men without families. Meanwhile, there are eight shelters for women and children. It’s great to get women and children off the streets or away from domestic violence situations, but the men living on the street need assistance as well. We haven’t had a particularly brutal winter this year, but there have been plenty of cold nights where homeless men are left to tough it out in the cold. This one shelter is not enough to get the job done and provide assistance for those on the streets.

Mikayla Muratore