Letters to the Editor

Support the Lummis in rejecting terminal

How do you feel about the possibility of having North America’s largest coal terminal reside in Ferndale? There is something you can do if you find this prospect offensive. The Lummi Nation has has sent a letter to the Army Corps of Engineers stating their objections and asking them to deny a permit. The Lummis have asked for support in their stand.

What can you do? You can write to our elected officials and ask them to support the Lummis. Contact information for Sen. Murray, Sen. Cantwell and Rep. DelBene and ep. Larson can be found at re-sources.org (on left hand side of page, click on “Clean Energy” then “ Take Action”) or you can search each officials’ web site.

I believe the Lummi Nation is fighting for clean waters, sustainable fisheries and an environmentally sound community. Ask our elected officials to support their efforts. It would protect the Lummi way of life and strengthen our environment.

I believe it is the right thing to do.

Naomi Murphy