Letters to the Editor

Says Ericksen is playing politics with safety

I believe oil companies and carriers who ship oil by rail through our community are willing to take risks with our property, health, economy and lives just to make a big profit. With an increase in oil by rail traffic, we’ve seen an increase in oil train accidents; three in February alone. The resulting explosions would be devastating in a populated area. As chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee, Doug Ericksen should be looking after our best interest, but instead I believe Ericksen is in big oil’s back pocket. I believe Ericksen’s bill (SB 5057) is weak at best on the issue of financial responsibility, full disclosure of risks, proactive preventative measures and a solid accident response. Meanwhile, Ericksen is refusing to give a stronger bill a public hearing. When Doug Ericksen needed our votes last November, he promised to take a stronger leadership role on this issue and get it done. Just a few months later I believe Ericksen is playing politics with our safety again.

Nancy Orlowski