Letters to the Editor

Backs limits on campaign spending

Thank you to the 120 citizens who came to the Elks Lodge on Thursday, Feb. 19 to hear David Cobb speak on “Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule.” With the commitment of these citizens and others who believe that money is not speech and that only human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights, we will take back our government from the transnational corporations whose only purpose is to create more wealth for their stockholders. I believe that government should help maintain transportation infrastructure and support public education, among other duties, so that each citizen can participate in the economy and governance of our towns, state and country. Learn what is at stake and what you can do by going to www.wamend.org, the Washington state coalition of citizen groups, and www.movetoamend.org, the national group supporting state groups, who want return control of our country to human beings from that of giant corporations we believe are in charge today. We can create the change we need to have liberty and justice for all. This spring, look for volunteers who will be collecting signatures to get an initiative on our state ballot that says that Washington supports a constitutional amendment to disclose and limit campaign contributions, thereby making Washington state the 17th state in the union to do so. Momentum for change is building!

Ellen Posel