Letters to the Editor

Wonders if Canadian dollar drop felt here

Have we gotten our town back? Well, not really, but there is a general feeling of less anxiety in Bellingham. I see fewer vehicles on the roads and freeway, especially the Guide. Shopping is pleasant. I could go to Costco at any time and easily park and shop.

Maybe it is the exchange rate with Canada?

When I moved to Bellingham in the mid-’60s it was a sleepy college town with Georgia Pacific on the waterfront. There were no “box-stores” like Wal-Mart or Fred Meyer. Safeway had three locations, Thriftway had two and Albertsons one. (My memory)

The place to eat was The Royal on Holly. Entertainment was the Grand, Moonlight and Motor-Vu. Remember George’s Café which was remodeled to the Northside?

I guess I should place my concern with the small, local businesses. They are the ones who feel the pain from fewer cross-border customers. They will be getting more of my business now.

However, this is not just a Whatcom county issue. I am sure it runs the entire length of the 49th parallel.

Greg Christensen