Letters to the Editor

Wants priorities changed, women to be honored

The secret is out! Thanks to the most important Herald headline ever written and the League of Women Voters who inspired it we have learned that women are poor. Too bad women have not been asked about our daily lives. The league has outed us.

I believe the time has come:

To honor the migrant women who cross borders for back-breaking, underpaid, under-housed labor, unrewarded for their dignity and contribution to our own rewards from their labor;

To honor the women who provide services in day-care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, domestic workers, nurses, teachers also underpaid and overworked;

To honor the privileged women who devote their lives seeking justice for those much less privileged than they;

To honor those women who have children and those who wisely choose to have none;

To honor this gender who “holds up half the sky” with little or no recognition for their work.

It’s time for admission and concern for the poverty of women and therefore their children.

It’s time in 2015 to work for women to have more freedom and encouragement to be free to make our own choices for our lives and our children’s lives.

We must change our cultural priorities. We must. We must.

Belle Shalom