Letters to the Editor

Against ‘Fast Track’ vote on trade bill

Did you know that your representatives will be voting on a new trade agreement very soon which I believe is being developed behind closed doors in secret by big business, agribusiness and the large banks? I believe that it would never pass through the traditional methods, so they are trying to push it through Congress via “Fast Track,” which I believe means it will be presented when least expected and your representative will not have any time to study or debate it. I believe this is a corrupt and undemocratic process that is designed to ram destructive trade deals through Congress and the lobbyists who are “bought” by these huge businesses and banks have been manipulating your representatives for months now to deceive them into believing this “Trans Pacific Partnership” (also known as TPP) is a good thing. I believe the reality is that this is a trade agreement that allows them to outsource labor to other countries without restriction. I believe this should not be passed via “Fast Track” and it is up to you and me to inform our representatives in Washington that we oppose this kind of legislation, which I believe would cause, at the very minimum, hundreds of thousands of jobs to disappear and give more power to these big businesses and large banks than they have now. Go tstoptheTPP.org to see how you can make a positive difference in this fight.

Matthew Lolkema