Letters to the Editor

Warns state of pesticide dangers

The Department of Natural Resources heard our concerns about the herbicide triclopyr they had scheduled to be sprayed on public forest lands just above our home, the Skagit River and the Judy Reservoir, which supplies drinking water to three cities. DNR has agreed to cancel the spraying near us.

We researched triclopyr, also known as Garlon, and shared what we found with our local officials:

Washington State’s fact sheet on triclopyr and TCP, which is the most common breakdown product of triclopyr, reports that TCP is considered to be persistent in aquatic environments and toxic to fish.

The triclorpyr label warns of environmental hazards, this pesticide is toxic to fish, do not apply directly to drinking water, to areas where surface water is present. Do not contaminate water when disposing of equipment wash water.

Contaminated water has been found near areas where triclopyr is used in agriculture, in forestry, on urban landscapes and on golf courses.

We all are at risk but the children, workers and neighbors applying these chemicals are most at risk for health problems ranging from cancer, infertility, autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Write your representatives and the commissioner of Public Lands as we did to express concern about pesticides being sprayed around your community. Pesticide risk reduction practices exist and can provide safe, affordable and effective alternatives. Speak up you can make a difference!

Bonnie Howard

Sedro Woolley