Letters to the Editor

Wants county to fund mental health, not jail

I read $82 million for a new jail. I believe there is something very wrong with this picture, and this is how I see it: The county is reluctant to put that amount of money into mental health care. To my way of thinking, anyone who hurts another person is mentally ill. If they do not hurt another person, they should not be in jail.

Think what our mental health services could do with $82 million!

Prevention: The vast majority of people who hurt others were themselves hurt badly at an early age. We could stop that from happening. Give a few million to Brigid Collins House.

People on drugs might do terrible things. Real rehab is costly and prolonged. Six weeks is never going to cut it.

Brain malfunctions are difficult to diagnose and more difficult to treat.

Give a few million to research and to the psychiatrists who can show they’ve successfully helped patients with psychiatric condition.

Personally, I’d appreciate it if we’d get real.

Carole Slesnick