Letters to the Editor

Concerned violence linked to racism

Two recent and unfortunate incidents have occurred that are echoes of those involving police actions in the deaths of our own citizens. These are the killings of three Muslims in North Carolina that may be based on a “hate crime” motive but yet to determined. Also the beating of an Indian visitor that caused a similar question of a possible motive based on racism by the police. After these occurrences, what is different about them is that there were serious and unsubtle comments by the political heads of countries such as Turkey and India that concluded that these incidents were examples of a deep racism problem in this country. I find that a remarkable example of the pot calling the kettle black, an old but useful proverb. In the case of Turkey, coming from the president of that country with its repression of criticism and history of the Armenian genocide and the frequency of attacks on Muslims and Christians in India, I believe the proverb fits perfectly. Whereof the protests from these countries about the beheadings and the attacks on tourists or charity workers or many other incredibly brutal crimes against women and children. Michael Moore and Al Sharpton I can’t hear you.

Norman Grossman