Letters to the Editor

Says minimum wage increase would cascade

A recent letter writer suggested changing the minimum wage to $15 an hour because it currently is not a “living family wage.” However, the minimum wage was developed for entry level, low skilled labor and never intended for long-term career oriented employment as the writer seems to believe.

If an untrained, inexperienced new hire gets $15 on their first day of work, it is reasonable to assume that experienced workers will deserve and demand even more. So in reality all wages will be driven up as existing employees demand “fairness.” And since the money to pay employees has to come from somewhere, it follows that prices will have to increase to offset the added labor expense. This is basic economics 101.

The higher the minimum wage, the less likely an employer will be willing to hire an inexperienced person. So people looking for their first job, students and those with few skills would be the last to be hired as employers try to get the biggest bang for their hiring buck.

And if we are honest about it, some employees, either by being unskilled or lazy, are just are not worth $15 an hour.

Gordon Bennett