Letters to the Editor

Says cuts to food bank would hurt

The comment by Mrs. Goldsmith to eliminate funding non-profits is going to hurt the food bank. She says she is a food bank supporter but this to me does not show support. The county has a number of people who depend on the food bank because they get only $15 a month for food stamps. I would like her to live on the budget these families have after paying rent. Not all homeless people standing below the mall with a sign or other places with a sign. Many are working but cannot afford the damage deposit and first and last months rent of about $2,000 or more to get in to an apartment. Many of these only have two bedrooms and many families have more than one child. Not many apartments have more than two bedrooms.

I believe this is just another way for the Republicans to be reverse Robin Hoods, instead of robbing the rich to give to the poor they rob the poor to give to the rich. Why else would the Republican Congress refused to vote on these items and now they claim the Democrats are hindering their efforts. It is time now for a Democrat female president and I do not necessarily mean Hillary Clinton.

Cheri Martin