Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with protest by pro-gun citizens

Wow, 50 defenders of the 2nd Amendment descended on Olympia, again. Upon discovering that assault rifles and other firearms were actually prohibited in the viewing gallery — talk about silly regulations — they marched over to the governor’s mansion to, well, pray. Pray?! I’ll bet the Daily Show would have fun with that episode of human behavior. Pray for what? Relief from the ban on high-capacity magazines? A return to the gold standard? An 8-ounce Hersey bar?

I believe that they were unable to build a case on merit. It is almost as if state Representatives Scott and Shea asked all the insecure, narrow-minded members of our state to raise their hands and then invited them to come to Olympia. I believe it makes responsible gun owners cringe.

Sorry, but lots of us have to give a little for the public good. Your great burden is to endure the hardship of filling out a form during your gun purchase.

Leaf Schumann