Letters to the Editor

Says taxing rich won’t help others

There is one thing to remember about taxing the rich and “Big Biz” in order to help others: I don’t believe it works. Here’s one place the money goes — check the ZIP codes for the highest income brackets. You will find them located all around the Washington D.C. area. That’s where I believe the high-paying jobs are, big government. It used to be our money. Now it’s theirs.

I believe if taxing the rich were going to benefit the middle- and lower-middle classes, it would have done so by now. On the contrary, I believe things keep getting worse.

Class warfare is as old as the hills, but is now reaching hysterical heights. I believe the goal of Democrats seems to be either to outlaw businesses outright or to regulate them into extinction. I believe if anyone believes that an increased dollar amount through taxation of the rich and big business will somehow wind up in his pocket, he has a serious problem with delusion.

Lawrence Quinlivan