Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Obama’s position on atrocities

I believe the President holds forth that whatever evil or criminal actions we see must be taken through the perspective that every problem in life stems from racist white people, bigoted, hating Christians and Jews or greedy capitalism. The vicious, barbaric folks engaged in atrocities should be given dispensation.

Last week I believe we got a view into the President’s reality and where his heart lies. Review his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast to understand what I mean. I believe under no circumstances will he name those who would gleefully torture and murder us in the name of Allah as Muslims. Nor will he state that the current acts of barbarism around the world are in any way related to “The Religion of Peace” even though the actors openly claim the Quran is their guiding document.

I believe the President’s sense of social justice and moral relativism prohibits proactive decision making. He acts when a perceived “victim class” needs protecting (i.e. Palestinians, people “of color” or “good Muslims”).

Attempting to mitigate the atrocities so recently televised by these Muslims by pointing to war crimes committed by Crusaders I believe proves my point.

At least we now know where we stand with this guy in charge.

Konrad Lau

Sedro Woolley