Letters to the Editor

Concerned about cycle of terrorism

A letter writer today complained about President Obama “loving making domestic rules.” She cited a claim (I do not know if it is true or not, but it does not matter) that Obama was proposing a new rule to ban “frying” in day care centers and adding tofu as a meat substitute. These seem like good things to me. He is our president, after all. He is supposed to care about domestic issues. I can bet that if he did not care about these things, he would be roundly criticized for that. So, the writer wants increased aggression overseas. Many Republicans have stated that Obama is not being aggressive enough. When asked what they would do, they cannot give an answer contrary to what is already being done by the Obama administration. However, I believe increasing U.S. aggression will not decrease terrorism, it will only make it worse. I believe Bush and Cheney lied us into a war against Iraq, the reason had nothing to do with terrorism, it had to do with how much money Cheney would make off the war machine. It helped to create ISIS, which is a terrible thing indeed. Now it appears that Jordan is going to increase its aggression towards ISIL, which is its right and duty. ISIL will probably come to a violent end through its own acts, but it will come to an end, eventually. And if we become more aggressive, I believe it will only serve to continue the cycle of terrorism.

Beth Standen