Letters to the Editor

Meeting for those concerned about elections

In light of the recent revelation reported in Reuters and other news outlets that the Koch brothers intend to spend close to $900 million on the next presidential election via their political networks, it is very clear to me that our elections are being sold to the highest bidder. The amount of money poured into elections from both sides of the political spectrum has skyrocketed since the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision, and corporate interests have trumped those of private citizens. If you are concerned with family wage jobs, the environment, universal internet access, high health care and drug costs, mass incarceration, or a host of other problems we currently face as a nation, I believe the answer lies in the overwhelming corporate power gained by the control our elections and elected representatives. If this concerns you, please attend a call to action by a national leader at Move To Amend on Thursday Feb. 19 at the Elk’s Lodge in Bellingham. The event starts at 7 p.m. and is free and open to the public. There are many things you can choose to do with your free time; getting on board a national movement to fix our broken democracy must be one of the most important. Hope to see you there.

Debbie Cantrell