Letters to the Editor

Concerned about wealth disparity

I believe the writer of the Dec. 29 letter to the editor, “'Concerned America punishes producers,” trips on his premise and sprawl on his conclusion when he states “Maybe it is time that the producers simply went on strike and maybe the rest of society — especially the aforementioned politicians, bureaucrats, etc. will realize that punishing the producers was not in their best interests.”

I find this to be more tired recycled Ayn Rand Libertarian rubbish. I believe the producers will never “go on strike” because of their pure greed and avarice. Like most predators, i.e. sharks, to exist and to subsidize their lavish life style they must constantly be in search of fresh meat. More, always more.

For the past 30 years, I believe these so-called creators/producers of wealth have waged a war on the middle/working class, the true engine of prosperity, through systematically attempting to destroy collective bargaining units. From the 1960s labor unions have been decimated, from about 30 percent to less than 10 percent, by the corporatocracy’s concerted de-certification movement, and the availability of the cheap, unregulated labor of globalism.

Worker productivity doubled while wages remained stagnant.

Yes, I believe it’s well past time for a strike — of the all the exploited workers of America.

The disparity of wealth in the world, in particular the U.S. is at now obscenely staggering levels not seen since just before 1929; and we all know how that movie ends.

Michael Kominsky