Letters to the Editor

Looking for unity ticket in 2016

Election 2016 here we come. The carnival act has started. Next year we will be picking a new president and it will be the most important election in our history. Let’s cut to the chase, there are only two people who I believe should be our next president, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. If they are the nominees we win. Forget about the babble about new fresh faces we had that in 2008; how did that work for you? Let us not look for star power, let us look for somebody who can step into that office on day one and do the job. Both Hillary and Jeb could do that with their histories. Boy it would be great if we had a unity ticket Clinton/Bush or Bush/Clinton. If on election night we are waiting for the results and it is Clinton and Bush it will be a happy night for America.

Gene Knutson