Letters to the Editor

Questions need for Lynden school bond

In a special election on April 28, the Lynden School District will, for the fourth time, ask voters to approve a capital facility bond to replace Lynden Middle and Fisher Elementary schools. The bond request is $48 million, $2 million more than the amount voted down last year and $15 million more than the amount voted down in 2011. You would think, after three previous failed attempts, the district would learn the meaning of the word, “no.”

Jim Frey, superintendent of Lynden Public Schools, described these schools as “old and past their useful life as educational facilities” in a recent community letter, but Whatcom County is filled with older functioning buildings. Age is not the issue.

In his letter, Mr. Frey failed to mention that the district purchased the land for a new middle school without voter approval and last year part of the bond issue included paying off the mortgage. Is that part of this bond? What will be done with the current middle school? Why has the district allowed the schools to deteriorate to such a state of disrepair that they must now be replaced? Why weren’t capital facility bonds put to the voters to repair the schools when doing so would cost considerably less money than replacing the school? These questions need to be addressed by the Lynden School District if they want my vote.

Linda Laub