Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Obama’s policies

I believe President Obama loves making domestic rules. Take the proposed new rules to ban on-site frying at daycare centers. The rules would also allow tofu to be used as a substitute for meat. Wouldn’t it be nice if this laser-like intensity could be focused on dealing with the dangers to American security? How about some leadership in the face of Russian aggression? What happened to the pivot to Southeast Asia? I believe Obama has empowered repressive regimes such as Mynamar and Thailand, and neglected those with democratic values. What about thwarting Iran’s drive to build nuclear weapons? I believe Obama’s foreign policy failures have embarrassed us and sown distrust among our allies. There’s the famous 2012 “red line” threat on Syria. An empty threat, it turned out. There’s the Charlie Hebdo response. Symbols are powerful. I believe the absence of a high-ranking American official in Paris to express solidarity to defy Islamic ext remists was spectacularly clueless. I believe Obama’s response to the rise of Islamic terrorism has been careless and confusing. This president seems to me uninterested in America’s obligation to provide leadership in the world. I believe his feckless non-policies will cost us.

Deanna Hawkins