Letters to the Editor

Concerned America punishes producers

President Obama’s State of the Union address makes me concerned with our society’s growing reliance on government and the general disdain for the producers and creators of wealth plus the growing acceptance of more taxation and government control by both major parties resulting in the country’s ongoing march toward what I believe is bigger and more intrusive government.

I believe the work of the producers is being confiscated by politicians, bureaucrats, etc., with the producers being portrayed as villains.

More and more of the major producers (big corporations) have been buying special rules and regulations from politicians. I believe these “crony capitalists” have become a big part of the problem, using the force the government to give themselves an unfair advantage over those who compete legitimately by providing value to the marketplace.

I believe this has left the small entrepreneur overtaxed, over regulated, and with the added burden of increased bureaucratic paperwork to carry the weight of bloated and out-of-control federal spending. It has also hurt middle class folks who work hard to support their families while watching more and more money being extracted from their paychecks.

Maybe it is time that the producers simply went on strike and maybe the rest of society; especially the aforementioned politicians, bureaucrats, etc. will realize that punishing the producers was not in their best interests?

Wayne Farber