Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with foster family flu shot rule

There is a new Washington Administrative Code rule requiring that foster families get the flu shot every year. I believe it is hypocritical that social workers, visit transporters, biological parents and the foster kids are not required to get it. We welcome these kids into our homes with lice, scabies, behavior issues, and zero immunizations themselves, and we are now required to get the flu vaccine, which arguably isn’t even really a vaccination, it’s an educated guess on what strand of flu will come out that year. I believe it’s ridiculous. Foster parents are now deciding whether to continue their license or not. This is going to be a huge problem for the state. Where are all of these kids going to go if we get unlicensed? Why are we wasting resources for licensers to check licensed homes for this and not out licensing new homes? If we lose one foster home because of this new code, we have failed these kids. Licenses will be pulled at the end of February, so time is of the essence here. Please help us keep homes open and license new homes for kids!

Mylissa Bode