Letters to the Editor

Concerned about European Jews

It is small wonder that the French Jews of Paris are moving out. Decades of what I believe to be Israel bashing has had serious consequences. Many still remember 1938 and the Holocaust. I believe similar virulent anti-Semitism is now raising its ugly head again.

I often hear, “We are not against the Jews.” “We are against Israel.” “Israel is the problem.” I believe this to be a flimsy cover that ignores the fact that outside of the U.S., the largest population of Jews lives in Israel. I believe being anti-Israel quite clearly means being against the legitimate home of the second-largest population of Jews.

The many boycott-Israel movements, under many guises, have simmered for years and I believe are now boiling over into murder and violence in many countries, where Jews for centuries thought themselves safe from persecution.

The French parliament symbolically recognized a Palestinian state last month. Recent Facebook postings by a prominent French comedian declared, “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.”

The comedian was referring to Coulibaly, the killer of four Jews in a kosher market in Paris; thus mocking Parisians’ outrage with the phrase, “Je suis Charlie.”

The signs are clear. In the ‘30s and ‘40s millions of Jews did not get out in time and were ultimately sent to their deaths. This time, however, there is still time for the French as well as other threatened European Jews to get out and go home.

Lisa Sherry