Letters to the Editor

Unhappy U.S. leaders didn’t participate in march

Photos of the major world leaders, arms linked, at the head of a march of more than 1 million Frenchmen supporting freedom of expression had a glaring void; what I believe to be the shameful absence of any high-level U.S. official in this march of solidarity and opposition to brutality and barbarism.

Winston Churchill (whose bust was summarily removed from the Obama White House and sent back to England in 2009) once said, “The price of greatness is responsibility. If the people of the United States had continued in a mediocre station, struggling in the wilderness, absorbed in their own affairs, and a factor of no consequence in the world, they might have remained forgotten and undisturbed beyond their protecting oceans: but one cannot rise to be in many ways the leading community in the civilized world without being involved in its problems, without being convulsed by its agonies and inspired by its causes.”

I believe the challenge and assault upon Western civilization, the United States in particular, is not simply about wresting power away from it, but is rooted in a potent and dangerous belief that both western civilization and the U.S. deserve to fall. The very success of the liberal-democratic model is the bull’s eye of their target.

One is left to wonder, whether this nihilistic viewpoint also happens to be the viewpoint of America’s current administration.

Dr. Robert A. Sherry